Cheap swords are easy to find, and unique, collectible swords are often expensive and nearly impossible to obtain. If you get enchanted by the brilliant sheen and color of the blade and the intricate handle design, Luckily, our unique oxidation process can enhance and alter the hue of your blade for a more dramatic effect. We have done all of the research for you and our beautiful swords that are not only low cost and mesmerizing, but each is unique and memorable in their own way.

Japanese swords and Chinese swords are many colors of blades for you to choose:BlackRedBlue and Purple color blades.

If you are struggling and don’t know what to look for, follow our sword buying guide or contact us. Having a better understanding of the sword’s features and benefits will make choosing your next sword easier for you.

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Chinese Sword Handmade Damascus Steel Purple Blade Chinese Phoenix Theme Tang Dynasty Swords


This battle ready Jian sword is made of damascus steel. The blade is heat-treated, clay tempered, and quenched to achieve optimal levels of durability and hardness. This sword is expertly hand-sharpened, and double-edged by experienced swordsmen using time-tested ancient techniques.  After the sharpening work, the blade is specially treated to..

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