The Daisho was a set of long and short swords, worn by Samurai warriors during the Edo period. The long sword was the katana fighting sword and the short sword was the wakizashi sword which was used as a secondary sword in fighting or as a ceremonial sword used in ceremonial suicide. When entering one's house the long sword was always left in the vestibule and the short sword was laid down on a mat at the owner's right side. This was meant to show respect for the owner.

Our Japanese Daisho blades are handmade by master craftsmen who spend years perfecting ancient Japanese metalworking techniques. Every blade is made to order, and each receives special attention to detail to ensure superior quality and performance. 

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Japanese Wakizashi And Katana Handmade High Manganese Steel Full Tang Samurai Sword Set


This samurai sword set Katana set package include one katana and one wakizashi sword. boasts a manganese steel blade thats unrivaled in sharpness and strength. Stunning carbon steel blade, full-tang battle ready japanese katana samurai sword. This sword is made of high manganese carbon steel, manual 18-pass grinding pure sharpness, clay tempered wi..

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