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25 / November

What is japanese Wakizashi ?

November 25th, 2021
25 Nov
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Katana is not the only world-renowned sword that originated in Japan. Another sword that is usually associated with Japanese history is Wakizashi. As shown in the photo here, it has a design similar t
2 / November

Japanese sword terminology

November 2nd, 2021
2 Nov
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Want to learn more about traditional Japanese swords? You should first become familiar with the following terms related to them.ShakuWhen buying traditional Japanese swords, you may come across the wo
26 / October

5 signs of authentic japanese katana

October 26th, 2021
26 Oct
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The katana is probably the most famous sword in the world. It was invented in feudal Japan, with a sleek design, characterized by a curved single-edged blade. However, in recent years, many companies
20 / October

Traditional Japanese sword and Chinese sword: What..

October 20th, 2021
20 Oct
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Both Japan and China produced some of the most widely known swords in the world. Asian countries have a long history of bladesmithing , which can be traced back several centuries. Although t
13 / October

Four Elements of High-quality Japanese Sword

October 13th, 2021
13 Oct
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Forging high-quality traditional Japanese swords with basic materials is not easy. In the feudal Japan period, swordsmiths often spent more than two weeks of time and energy to make a katana. In some
31 / May

Part of the japanese katana--nakago (tang)

May 31st, 2021
31 May
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At first glance, nakago seems very simple, just the handle of a Japanese sword-the extension where the blade enters the handle.However, as a fairly typical Japanese sword, it is deeper than this-becau
28 / May

Part of the japanese katana--Ha

May 28th, 2021
28 May
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The tempered cutting edge of a blade is known as a katana Ha. Simply put, Ha is the cutting edge of a samurai sword, transitioning to "Hira", that is, the flat areas of the blade are inclined and inte
25 / May

Part of the japanese katana--ITO

May 25th, 2021
25 May
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Ito (the word "thread" in Japanese), sometimes also called tsuka-ito (handle thread) or tsukamaki or itomaki represents the wrapping used on the hilt of Japanese swords.There are many different styles
21 / May

Part of the japanese katana--Rayskin

May 21st, 2021
21 May
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Rayskin, also known as Samegawa or Samehada, is the word "stingray" or "shark skin" in Japanese. It is a kind of shagreen used to reinforce the handle and tie it together. The rough uneven surface als
18 / May

Part of the japanese katana--Seppa

May 18th, 2021
18 May
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Seppa is basically a pair of identical "spacers" or "washers" used to firmly fill any gaps between the tsuba (hand guard) and the handle assembly. Katana Seppa is considered an important Japanese swor
14 / May

Part of the japanese katana--Sageo

May 14th, 2021
14 May
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Sageo is a traditionally used rope (used by students majoring in Japanese swordsmanship today), which fixes the sheath of the samurai sword to the belt (Obi) of the person who uses it.However, it is a
11 / May

Part of the Japanese Katana--Saya

May 11th, 2021
11 May
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Saya(Scabbard) is a Japanese word that refers to the sheath/scabbard of a Japanese sword. When worn or displayed, the edge will face upwards and be designed so that it can be drawn quickly using a tec
7 / May

About the difference between pattern steel and fol..

May 7th, 2021
7 May
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Patterned steel: steel with patterns used to make precious objects such as Japanese swords and Chinese swords. It was also called "flower iron" and "wentie" in ancient China. According to different cl
29 / April

Collect a sword, how long is the right one?

April 29th, 2021
29 Apr
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Regardless of whether it is a Japanese sword or a Chinese sword, the first and most important thing is to take advantage of it. What is to take advantage of it is that the size fits your body proporti
25 / April

What is the blood groove (bo-hi) on the sword?

April 25th, 2021
25 Apr
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The aesthetics of ancient Chinese swords mainly include the following aspects: first, exquisite manufacturing; second, scientific modeling; third, the ever-changing decorative styles and their profoun
20 / April

Knowledge about the types of sword steel

April 20th, 2021
20 Apr
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Pattern steel: steel with patterns used to make precious swords, also known as "flower iron" and "wentie" in ancient China. According to different classification methods, it can be divided into many c
12 / April

How to wear the Chinese sword?

April 12th, 2021
12 Apr
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Wushu in the Ming Dynasty recorded in "Arm Records": "Long soldiers handle wood, short soldiers handle arms, long soldiers advance and retreat hands are good, short soldiers advance and retreat must b
30 / March

The 2000-year history of Chinese Dao Sword

March 30th, 2021
30 Mar
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Dao is one of the earliest weapons in Chinese history. As early as the Paleolithic period, there were some knives-shaped stone tools. Primitives used it to cut, chop, scratch, scrape, or cut animal sk
24 / March

Why is the Japanese samurai sword curved?

March 24th, 2021
24 Mar
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The Japanese sword originated from the Tang Hengdao in the Tang Dynasty of China. In the Sui and Tang Dynasties, Japan did not have its own knife-making technology. It produced swords entirely by imit
9 / March

What is special about the clothes worn by Japanese..

March 9th, 2021
9 Mar
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1. The exquisiteness of haori, straight down, and hakama①Haori (はおり/Haori) can be simply understood as a jacket, which can be matched with any clothing such as straight, white, long-wearing, and small
1 / March

What Is Daisho?

March 1st, 2021
1 Mar
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The Daisho(Katana& Wakizashi) was a set of long and short swords, worn by Samurai warriors during the Edo period. The long sword is called Katana and the short one is called Wakizashi.Origins of D
26 / February

Compare different types of Japanese tanto

February 26th, 2021
26 Feb
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The tanto is one of the most prolific swords originating from feudal Japan. With a average blade length of just 6 to 12 inches (15 to 30 cm), however, it was just a fraction the size of other traditio
26 / February

The six most famous samurai swords in Japan

February 26th, 2021
26 Feb
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"It is said that there were two very famous swords in ancient Japan, one was named Muramasa, and the other was the well-known authentic sword. The story is that this authentic and Muramasa are both ve
24 / February

The Habaki - Parts of a Japanese Katana

February 24th, 2021
24 Feb
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The habaki is a piece of metal encircling the base of the blade of a Japanese sword. It has the double purpose of locking the tsuba (guard) in place, and to maintain the weapon in its saya (scabbard)
23 / February

What sword did the samurai use to cut his belly?

February 23rd, 2021
23 Feb
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In the concept of ancient countries, defeating and being captured were considered a shame. In the case of desperation, the defeated party often chooses to commit suicide or seek death in other ways.Fo
21 / February

What is the inscription of the Japanese sword besi..

February 21st, 2021
21 Feb
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Japan promulgated the Dabao Law in 702 AD, which is the second year of Dabao, stipulating that swordsmiths must engrave their swords. That was the era of the legendary sword craftsman who made Ko Kara
29 / January

Japan's giant Sword-Nodachi

January 29th, 2021
29 Jan
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In the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, Japanese warriors competed in power, and they were especially proud of having a strong wrist. This also led to their weapon-- Tachi, being made longer and lo
26 / January

The taboo etiquette of wearing a samurai sword

January 26th, 2021
26 Jan
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1. Taboo of Japanese sword(1). Use your fingers to touch the body of the sword. It is difficult to remove human fat, and rust will also occur.(2). Talking endlessly with a sword in his handHolding the
15 / January

The sharp blade under the cold light-Japanese styl..

January 15th, 2021
15 Jan
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In Japan, in addition to the Katana, there is another type of sword that has always been loved by domestic and foreign swordsmen. That is, the Japanese saber. The Japanese saber and the samurai sword
5 / January

The fine cold weapon among Japanese swords-Tachi

January 5th, 2021
5 Jan
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Tachi, a scimitar with a large curvature, with a blade length of more than 3 feet (1m) and less than 5 feet (about 1.5m). Among them, those below 3 feet are called Kodachi, and those above 5 feet are
4 / January

Is it a good sword to "cut iron as mud"?

January 4th, 2021
4 Jan
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At present, the environment of swords all over the world is complicated, and there are endless swords of various schools. The most practical thing is to understand how to taste a sword by yourself. To
31 / December

Art sword accessories: Japanese sword Tsuba

December 31st, 2020
31 Dec
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Tsuba (sword guards) is the main accessory of Japanese swords. In addition to protecting the palm of the hand, it is also the part that must be used when drawing the sword. They are used to protect th
30 / December

Japanese samurai sword in the movie

December 30th, 2020
30 Dec
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There are knights in Europe, kungfu in China, and samurai in Japan. Different cultures have their representatives. In European and American films, there is no shortage of Japanese samurai culture as a
29 / December

Are Uzi steel and Damascus steel the same kind of ..

December 29th, 2020
29 Dec
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People who don't really understand Damascus swords always classify Uzsteel and Damascus steel as one, and always think that the reason why Damascus knives are world-renowned for their excellent perfor
28 / December

Three most beautiful scimitars in the world

December 28th, 2020
28 Dec
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There are many scimitars in history, but there are only a few well-known ones. China has Mongolian scimitars with peculiar arcs, Japan has world-famous katana, and Nepal has dogleg knives called kille
25 / December

How to distinguish the authenticity of hamon

December 25th, 2020
25 Dec
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The hamon is a tempering line and visual point of demarcation on a Japanese sword which separates the harder edge from the softer spine and is a result of a process known as differential hardening. Th
25 / December

How to sharpen the sword's blade

December 25th, 2020
25 Dec
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The form of blade grinding and the angle of the blade directly affect the performance of a sword. The following is an introduction to several common forms and angles:Hollow GrindCut out a groove on ea
24 / December

How to appreciate Japanese swords

December 24th, 2020
24 Dec
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In the modern age far from fighting on the battlefield, the artistic value of Japanese swords has been paid more and more attention, but few people can tell the uniqueness of a sword. Although it take
23 / December

What is the difference between a samurai and a nin..

December 23rd, 2020
23 Dec
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who were they?Samurai (usually called “bushi” or “buke” in Japanese) were warriors that belonged to the noble classes of ancient Japanese society. They lived during a time when the Emperor of Japan wa
21 / December

What is folding steel?

December 21st, 2020
21 Dec
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What is Folded Steel?Folding sword steel, known as shita-kitae, can occur anywhere from 10-20 times. Bladesmiths fold some of the purest blades so many times they have up to a million layers of steel.
17 / December

The components of the samurai sword

December 17th, 2020
17 Dec
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The katana is one of the most popular types of swords in the world. It was used by the samurai class in feudal Japan and is commonly known as the samurai sword.  It is defined by its characterist
16 / December

What is Damascus steel?

December 16th, 2020
16 Dec
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"The magical pattern on Damascus steel sword is simply carved and natural beauty. Because of the moving legend and its own excellent performance, knives made of Damascus steel have become the best in
15 / December

The difference between KOBUSE and GYAKU-KOBUSE

December 15th, 2020
15 Dec
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KOBUSE, first uses relatively soft steel (low-carbon steel or wrought iron) to forge the basic shape of the knife, then wrap one side of the knife with a thin piece of high-carbon steel, and finally f
15 / December

Japanese samurai sword care tips

December 15th, 2020
15 Dec
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The main purpose of maintaining the japanese samurai sword is to avoid oxidation or rusting of the blade. The original maintenance oil on the blade must be thoroughly cleaned before applying a new lay
15 / December

What are 'blood grooves' in a katana?

December 15th, 2020
15 Dec
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The katana is one of the world's most recognized swords. Originating out of feudal Japan, it's characterized by a distinct single-edged, curved blade with a long grip to support two-handed wielding. J
15 / December

Why did the samurai draw his sword backhand?

December 15th, 2020
15 Dec
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The official Japanese samurai has three swords, one Tachi, one Katana, and one Wakizashi. Tachi is the longest and is used for battlefield decisive battles. Under normal circumstances, it is used for
9 / December

What is Clay Tempering?

December 9th, 2020
9 Dec
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The so-called "Clay Tempering" is to cover the parts of the blade that do not require high hardness with the prepared mud, and then heat the sword to a certain temperature. When the red hot blade ente
7 / December

How to display Japanese swords

December 7th, 2020
7 Dec
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Tachi's furnishings:Tachi has a special mounting rack (vertical tool holder), which is arranged with the tip of the knife up, the handle down, and the wing inward. If a horizontal tool holder is used,
10 / December

Japanese sword holding the sword posture

December 10th, 2020
10 Dec
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Since ancient times, the Japanese sword has been known for its beautiful shape as a weapon. Many famous swords have been collected as art pieces and contain the symbolic meaning of the soul of the sam
6 / January

The difference between Katana and Tachi

January 6th, 2021
6 Jan
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The shape of the Katana is basically the same as that of the Tachi. One of the differences between the two is that the Katana and the sheath of the Katana are respectively inserted with a small handle